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Crowne Plaza , Jaipur ________________________________________ CHAPTER 5 : CASE STUDIES CASE STUDIES (LIVE) CROWNE PLAZA (JAIPUR) The upcoming 5 star hotel has managed its way to a sustainable facade dealing with the energy needs of Jaipur, and also providing a hospitable environment as per the functioning demands. MATERIALS AND TECHNIQUES GFRC The primary weathering façade comprises of semi unitized glazing mounted with GFRC curtaining in the form of cylindrical bars. The GFRC used aggregates Recycled glass, metal and other materials. This technique on the glazing facilitates admitting diffused light within the building promising low heat and apt lighting. GLASS The double-glazed curtain wall system, is also equipped with low e glass. Low…show more content…
The Debis Tower, houses the offices of the Debis Company. Based on the traditional typology of the New York skyscraper, the building is formed by a base and a tower. The building was conceived as two thin bars bordering an internal street. Debis Tower is an example of a building using operable elements to supplement the basic design decisions that support good day lighting. The building is designed to make the most out of daylight and reduces heating and cooling by means of shallow floor plates as well as a sophisticated curtain wall. FEATURES Climatic Double Skin On the tower 's east, south and west elevations which have high solar gains an outer layer of glass panels sits at a 27 inches distance outside the inner wall of operable glass windows. The panels are controlled by

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