Deborah Gellibrands: A Short Story

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“Well, I guess it’s better that she’s sucking on some preacher’s cock rather than a smoking meth,” Tabitha said dismissively when William detailed the quality of life for Deborah Gellibrand. “I agree.” “I can’t believe that they’re even parties in this case. They don’t exactly sound like the activist types.” “They’re not, at least not anymore,” William said. “They refused to serve as aggrieved plaintiffs months ago. Sheckly and his legal team had to scramble when the Gellibrands refused to participate. He changed the case midstream, and is bringing if forward as a class action lawsuit. It’s still called the Gellibrand Case, but the Gellibrands aren’t involved any longer.” “I’m surprised the court didn’t dismiss the case.” “They almost did.” “That’s too bad.” “Not really,” William said. “Special education…show more content…
He kept his eyes on the road, and gripped the wheel with white knuckles. William did his best to ignore the buzz, and hoped to God that Mary didn’t hear it. He remembered to turn off the hands-free technology in the car’s navigation system, but forgot to set his phone to silent. He had been exchanging texts with Tabitha all morning, offering last minute advice as she prepared to step into the local NBC affiliate studio. The texting stopped when Face the State went live at roughly the same time William turned his phone off for the Sunday morning services at St. Stephens. After the services, William checked his phone to see if Tabitha had texted him an update, but there was nothing. He knew it would only be a matter of time before she briefed him on her performance. “Is that your phone?” Mary asked. William closed his eyes briefly and grimaced, the pending fight unfolding in his mind like a scene from a soap opera. “What?’ William asked. The phone buzzed a second time. “Oh,” William said, unable to deny the noise. “How come you have the hands-free off?” Mary asked, reaching over and pressing a button on the

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