Deborah Tannen Essay

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After reading the argument from the author Deborah Tannen, I came across some observations of her which really made me wonder about how women are treated in the society. She says in her article about how she starts interpreting people in a conference of four women and eight men. I believe that each person has his/her own style in this world. The author observes a lot of things when she attended the conference. The writer indulges in interpreting three different women at a conference according to their appearance. Different classifications were used by Deborah in her article. Basically, there were two groups that she made where she raises her point of marked and unmarked. Marked has been used by her to enlighten us that people judge on behalf of gender or appearance…show more content…
The author thinks women can hardly wear anything without a fear of being judged. She provides few pieces of evidence on how women usually are targeted and not men in this society in respect to interpretation. She argues on how different forms have Mr. as a suffix which shows nothing, but in the case of women there is Mrs. and also Miss which reflects the marital status of women. She raises her point also about how a woman changes her surname with the men after marriage. I personally believe that she had some evidence and her argument really made me think twice o and made me think why women are judged so much and she was also definitely true in her argument. But, then there can also be raised a point that she judged the whole society by a women’s perspective and by interpreting few ladies at a conference. I think she did not write about the opposition and about men’s perspective. Time has changed now and men are also judged on their appearance and they reflect their personality, occupancy and different things. I could say that her argument definitely had a point on women but I believe that times have changed a lot these
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