Deborah Thomson Essay

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Deborah Sampson was one of the first woman to fight in a war such as the American revolution. Deborah was born on December 1st 1760 in Massachusetts. Although she descended from the pilgrim stock her entire family was very poor. When Deborah was fairly young her father was sent on a sea voyage and never returned. After the tragic incident with her father Deborah 's mother was forced to place Deborah and all of her siblings into separate households were they could be cared for. There Deborah spent five years being cared for. Then she was old enough to become an indentured servant. She was taken to a farmer named Deacon Benjamin Thomas. When her time was over being an indentured servant, self taught Deborah made her living by teaching school until…show more content…
On one of the last battles, the battle of Yorktown, Deborah received many injuries from rope and trenches she was forced to dig. The injuries that she received almost blew her cover as a man, but that did not stop her from completing the new tasks that were to come her way. In June 1783 Deborah and two other servants led about 30 men on a march to unknown ground. During the march the group encountored many British troops. During the small battle Deborah noticed that a sward had pierced her side it was not long after until she had been shot in the lower thy of her left leg. Once the battle had ended Deborah was sent yet again to the hospital witch she was almost discovered for a second time. she managed to hide the wound on her leg from the doctor and pulled out the bullet in her leg and cleaned it as best as she could. Soon after she was cleared to join the army yet again and instead of being sent to fight was ordered to help take care of an injured man. Deborah was very pleased by this because it would give her leg more time to heal. In February 1783 Deborah was able to fight once more. her and her troop were sent to to resolve a protest of angry soldiers. Wile there Deborah caught one of the towns diseases and found her self yet again in a hospital this time she was discovered and the doctor was forced to tell her commander. After the letter was received Deborah was given an honorable discharge and left for home. Deborah married and had three children. She died on April 29th 1827 at age 66. Although she was just a woman Deborah Sampson did amazing things to help the American
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