Deborah Thomson's Role In The Continental Army

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In the United States, women weren’t allowed to join the military until the beginning of the twentieth century. This law, however, didn’t stop northerner Deborah Sampson. Like a modern era Mulan, Sampson dressed up as a man in the continental army during the Revolutionary War. Deborah Sampson showed perseverance, bravery, and a disregard for gender norms as she fought alongside unsuspecting men for over two years, earning herself a rightful place in the history books that has yet to be properly represented.
Deborah Sampson was born into a poor family in the southeastern part of Massachusetts and worked as an indentured servant for 12 years as she grew up. Although these circumstances seem against her, she managed to gain some education, and spent time working as a teacher or weaving after her time as a servant was over. It was during this time that historians suspect that Deborah came up with the idea to disguise herself and enlist in the army. Because she had grown up poor, Sampson didn’t have a dowry, so her decision to enlist was most likely for monetary reasons. Whatever her motivation, Deborah Sampson official joined the Continental Army in the spring of 1782 at the age of 21. (Lombard 494)
During her time in the army, Deborah’s identity was nearly exposed numerous times. Once, while engaged in combat with a
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Though she may not have received the full attention and fame that she deserves, Deborah Sampson remains a truly historic revolutionary heroine. She gave up her own personal identity in order to fight for a cause that she believed in, and had several close encounters with death because of it. Deborah Sampson displayed perseverance, bravery, and a complete disregard for gender norms of the era, therefore warranting herself a rightful place in the history books that has still not been fulfilled. Her dedication is admirable and should not be diluted by her gender or social
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