Deborah Wright Themes

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When a small tribe of Cheyenne Indians that had been moved from their area in the Wyoming country to a bleak area in the southwest decided they had had enough of the white man 's evasions and broken promises, they started a painful trek back to their homeland, 1,500 miles away. They start on their way, and face the struggle of the white man 's continual attempts to suppress them. Since the Cheyennes ' trek is in defiance of their treaty, Captain Thomas Archer, who agrees with the Indians in principle, reluctantly leads his troops in pursuit of the tribe. Throughout the movie, there are a few notable themes, and even sub themes, that can be expanded upon and discussed once they have been identified and analyzed. One major theme throughout this movie is the cultural clash. The character, Deborah Wright, is a white woman working with the government to educate the Indian children of the English language.…show more content…
There were many main characters throughout the movie that had notable impacts on the film. For one, there was Doc Holliday, Miss Plantagenet, and Deborah White. All of these characters showed how the white man lived. Then, there was Capt. Thomas Archer, Major Braden, Lt. Scott, and Captain Wessels, that showed how the government decided to take action. Lastly, there were the Indian characters who showed the Indians reacted and lived, such as, Tall Tree, Dull Knife, Little Wolf, and many others. The Cheyenne Indians cross the Canadian River in Indian Territory, which today is known as Oklahoma. The film was shot in Utah, where the magnificent desert bluffs and mountains in the scene exist. Nothing along the Canadian River in Oklahoma even closely resembles this, however, which is a clear filming mistake not taken into consideration for the film. However, despite this mistake, the film was still successful. The economic situation of this paper follows the history of the white man expanding west pushing the Indians further and further and into smaller amounts of
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