Debriefing Case Study

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As explained earlier that the logistics manager is not able to conduct a good daily debriefing is partly due to the fact that the abnormalities in the trip is not prominent enough to attract the attention of the logistics manager and the logistics manager do not have enough time to look through the data to check as well. Therefore, the aim of this solution is to create dashboards at three different levels; i.e. driver level, branch level and country level, that includes all the necessary information to facilitate the logistics manager to conduct his debriefing properly and for the management to be able to keep track of the Service agents’ and branches’ performances.
4.2.1. Driver level dashboard
In the driver level dashboard, there are three
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The total stops and total stops with abnormalities of all routes done by the service agent in that week will be calculated. The details of the abnormalities will be listed in the center as well like in the daily period but the difference is that instead of the customer’s name and the abnormalities, it shows the sum of abnormalities for all the stops in that week. For example, based on the dashboard, it shows that there is a total of 12 barcodes not scanned by the service agent for that whole week. These abnormalities will then be shown in a line graph below for the logistics manager to see the trend and if there is any improvement made after the daily debriefing. If there is no improvement shown, the logistics manager will be able to find out the cause of it as soon as possible. After finding out the cause of the non-improvement, the logistics manager can come up with solution to tackle the problem. For example, if the logistics manager found out that the importance of barcode scanning is not being emphasize enough to that service agent, he can stress the importance even more in the next debriefing with the service agent. Next, the information on the distances and durations will be the same as the dashboard in daily period but it will be in the sum of the whole week. The extra distance travelled in that week will be presented in a line graph as well to allow the logistics manager to see the trend. If the service agent has been deviating from the planned route, the logistics manager will be able to spot it immediately and raise questions to him to understand the reason for the deviation and act accordingly to solve the
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