Debris Impact In A House

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3.3.2 Factor causes damage to the structure
Debris impact is created by the rapid flow of water carried with household items, vehicles, heavy items that hit on the houses. By studying the real condition through interview and information gathered from the local, we can understand that the weakest part of the existing structure is the exterior wall, kitchen and surrounding property due to the fact that these areas are usually built on the ground without being raised. However, after further investigate, this factor does not pertain to the higher level of the house from the ground with more stability and security during the deluge.
This can be explained that most of the raised house that's constructed fully with timber are completely collapsed while some of it built their exterior wall with bricks at the bottom part of the
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Four out of five interviews and observation made to clarify and confirmed that the corrugated sheet used as roof needed to be replaced after major flood when the water can raise up to 15 feet from the ground. Which means that even it is a raised house can be affected due to the poor quality of materials to withstand great forces acting on it.

Figure 4, 5 & 6 : Water that carried logs and lumbers with high velocity caused great damage to the roof.
The hydrostatic force created from moving water that the pressure acts at right angles to any object in the water, for instance the pressure will act horizontally on a vertical wall of the building. Nonetheless, on a horizontal surface, hydrostatic force will exert upward that able to lift and float a house, especially the water level outside the house did not enter when it reaches 1 feet above the

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