Debt In College Essay

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Overtime college has gained a reputation of a high risk and who knows reward in this day and age. Families would take out student loans that would have them in a hole deeper than their ladder and now college questions can only be answered with the question on whether or not student can afford this investment which may cripple them for life. Scholarships, Jobs, and community college are all aspects to be looked into for a student to help the looming debt hanging behind during semesters. Money is always involved with trying to pursue one 's career. And a student can fully commit to the idea but money will always be the dealbreaker. There is the idea of “debt”, however debt is debt and with all types of loans to be had, a student can easily…show more content…
To continue, keeping a job and saving that money for college debt could help drastically. Working while in high school before college will help create a small pile of cash that will be a savior when debt is at it’s highest. And while working just saving a small portion of a check over time will stack up more and more without a thought and at the moment it is needed the cash will be a huge savior. In the article on page 13 it states, “The Journal of Student Financial Aid found that college students who were employed actually had a slightly higher average GPA.” so obviously having a job will not only benefit any money problems but also help with being academically adequate. However, when having a job may help with college debt it is also important to recognize that it does not help entirely when work starts to become more of a priority over school. As well as, young students may not be able to acquire a good grasp of how too take care of money properly and to evenly spread finances across all needs and wants. And secondly as another alternative solution could be starting out slowly and going to a community college so that college debt can be slow and that it will be more bearable to handle when going to university if that is a choice to pursue even further for a student’s education. In the article, ‘Paying for College Without Loans, Scholarships, or Looting Your Parents Retirement” it writes, “We’ve seen something of a devaluation of a bachelor’s degree in the job market.” (Steinberg
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