Debt You Could Be Put In Jail For Argumentative Essay

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Debt You Could Be Put In Jail For. DEBT An increasing number of debtors are being arrested for debts they owe and cannot pay. According to reports by several national news outlets. While debtor’s prisons were abolished in America years ago, it is still possible to land in prison over unpaid debt which is the state of owing money. CHILD SUPPORT Up until the mid 1800’s you could get put in jail for not paying your debt back. By 1883, the practice of imprisonment for debts was eliminated at the federal level but, Unpaid child support became a big concern in the 1980’s and 90’s. As a public hostility grew toward the archetypal “deadbeat dad” who lived comfortably while his children suffered. Child support collections were so spotty that in the late 1990’s, new enforcement tools such as automotive paycheck deductions were used. As a result, child support collections significantly increased. Some parents rely heavily on aggressive enforcement by the authorities. While every parent has a responsibility to support their kids to the best of their ability, the tools developed in 1990’s were “designed for people…show more content…
The payments are very important for the upbringing and well-being of the child therefore they should be paid in a timely manner according to time and dates specified in the court order. Therefore there are legal consequences for missing payments. Which includes criminal warrants and civil warrants. Criminal warrants are enforceable in any state and a criminal arrest can lead to fines, a sentence of one year or greater than one year in jail, or both. Civil warrants on the other hand are issued when the custodial parent files for contempt of court. This can also lead to fines, short period of time in jail suspension of driver’s license, denial of tax refunds and other government benefits, garnishment of wages or even lower your credit

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