Decadence In Morality

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Immorality is also another behaviour, which is synonymous with corruption, dishonesty, illegality and a host of other vices. It could be considered as one of the reasons why the declining rate of indiscipline and moral values are on the increase in our country today. Every now and then, you hear of kidnappings here and there, stealing of public funds at all levels of government and of late in some churches also. Decadence in morality in our contemporary Nigerian society is gradually getting worse. Our so-called leaders of tomorrow no longer show respect to their elders; at times they behave and act the way they want. «They engage in all sorts of anti-social behaviour injurious to the society. Any society that is not morally sound is bound to witness all sort of social menace as a result of decadence of moral values and cultural norms that guide the actions and conduct of individuals living within such a society» . Base on this, Shuaibu Ahmed Abba argued further that: Moral values are found in our religion, culture and traditions yet some of our youths, for one reason or the other are not that religious; they consider our indigenous culture out-dated and our traditions barbaric. Therefore they queue up to embrace westernization in its totality and abandoning our indigenous culture and tradition entirely, thereby losing their identity. Now that the issue has been reached an alarming rate, as it is the tradition in our dear country whenever an issue arises, we point accusing
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