Decadence Of Life In The Great Gatsby

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Author F. Scott Fitzgerald Wrote The Great Gatsby about events and people in his life. “He became well known for “describing in Semi-autobiographical fiction the privileged lives of wealthy, aspiring socialites’”(“Zelda”). The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald brought his own life experiences into his book although it is said that it is just a coincidence. Throughout the Great Depression, times were hard and the book showed the decadence of the time prior to this. Being middle-class with no money is hard on individuals causing them to act out in ways to fit in with the crowd. The Great Gatsby was a biographical inspired novel by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald 's life due to how he incorporated his real world experiences into his book. The Jazz age played a major role in the story of Fitzgerald’s life and the novel. The Great Gatsby was set in the “Jazz Age” that emphasized the pleasure and decadence of life after the tragedy of WWI(“How”). Everyone is now enjoying life while they can because times aren’t as hard as they were not long previous to then. While at Gatsby’s party Jordan says,“‘I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in the library’”(Fitzgerald 46). She has been out at parties so much and has been living life to the fullest while she can. “The economic, social, and political hardships of the Great Depression and World War II seem to have turned away those readers who could no longer afford to dream in their daily lives or those
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