Decade's Impact On Our Society: 1950s

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Decade’s Impact On Our Society: 1950s The 1950s was a decade full of music and entertainment. Entertainers like Marilyn Monroe and types of music like jazz. Even kids are having fun playing with their newly made, Mr. Potato Head toys. So many new entertainers, musicians, and inventions are becoming such a huge hit. From swinging jazz music to bright lights and the silver screen, this decade will get your shindig pumped up. A new type of music came out, it’s called “jazz music”, there are even different types of jazz just like “cool jazz” and “soul jazz’. This new music brings everyone a new happy atmosphere. Mostly people in black neighborhoods are listening to jazz because it was originated by African music and combined with band instruments and rhythm & blues. Instruments like piano, clarinets, trumpets, and saxophones were involved in jazz music. Many popular jazz singers and musicians at the moment are Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis. Most of the musicians in our decade are male but a lot of singers tend to be female just like Nina Simone, Bessie Smith, and Ella…show more content…
Potato Head”. There are some people that automatically knew about this toy when it came out but a lot of us didn’t, until it got advertised on television. Mr. Potato Head is now the first toy ever to be advertised on television. To explain the point of this childrens toy, it is a plastic potato figure that is designed with fruit and vegetable pieces that are also made out of plastic. These pieces are supposed to be stuck onto the potato body so that you can make your own customized toy. Many toy companies in this decade are thinking that customers will not purchase this toy because it is a piece of plastic and people are doubting that the toy will sell, even though the toy was being sold at $0.98. The demand of the product is rising by the second, Mr. Potato Head will soon be your child 's favorite toy of the
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