Decades Speech

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Decades speech Hey guys! ( waits for response) Today i will be talking about outlaws, like criminals? How about Bonnie and Clyde? I think yes. (pauses) As you may or may not know, their two of america 's most famous outlaws from 1930-1035, They committed several crimes, ( laughs while says) well actually a lot if you think about it. (pauses for crowd) So as you might know now, they robbed several banks, took a lot of people hostage, and even killed a lot of people. ( pauses) in 1930 when Bonnie and Clyde got together. Bonnie was nineteen and Clyde was twenty, they were both still young, And one day they had this wonderful idea, and decided okay Bonnie you 're my chick now, so let’s do bad stuff. And of course young and innocent Bonnie and decided to follow clyde along with it, ( pauses) And with them following through with their idea. Wasn’t the best idea. At first all they did was steal from little stores, and usually didn’t take a lot, But then they got worse, they went to banks next, they brought guns into it, they never fired them. they only used it for threat. (pauses) But then one day they felt people…show more content…
if i pulled over on the side of the road i wouldn’t expect to be killed i’d be saying” oh no, sorry folks. but i don’t plan on dying today” and drive off ( pause) Bonnie and Clyde spent five years running, stealing, killing, Finally they have been put to an end, (
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