The Use Of Propaganda In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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After the success of QPAC’s staging of George Orwell’ classic tale, Animal Farm, I was tempted to reflect on George Orwell’s message inside his tale of deceit and treachery. Animal Farm presents a clever fable of an animal revolution against their human superiors, resulting in the more ‘intelligent’ pigs taking advantage of the other farm animals by using manipulative propaganda. Startlingly, this fictional tale relates to the present more than we imagine. Therefore, it’s imperative that everyone understands the significance of George Orwell’s warning about the unfair manipulation of the masses using propaganda, as the danger still exists today. I will be your guide today as we unravel how Orwell’s warning is still significant using an Australian modern example: the marriage equality debate. It goes without saying, the gay marriage plebiscite turned Australia upside down through excessive use of persuasive propaganda on a national scale; using similar tactics deployed by the…show more content…
It mustn’t be surprising then to realise how easily propaganda manipulates nations with existing technology in the 21st century. That is why this article had to be written. Orwell’s message inside his novel is explicitly trying to warn people of the future about the dangers of propaganda and its extreme manipulative capabilities. We don’t realise it enough, that those fearful flyers and blameful brochures floating around are all propaganda devices existing to persuade onlookers to join the perpetrators side. It’s not only the same-sex marriage debacle; propaganda is everywhere. Billboards, posters, the radio, the internet, TV commercials; you name it, and I can assure you, that it is there for one purpose. To reverse your previous thought process; only if you do not take heed of this
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