Deception In The Memory Keeper's Daughter

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“I love you, I love you so much, and I lied to you, (Edwards, 115)” In the fictitious novel, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, the author, Kim Edwards, takes readers through the pernicious repercussions of deception. The main character, David Henry, becomes immersed in a sea of lies and dishonesty, making his identity unknown to even himself. His choice ultimately tears his family apart, leaving nothing but a slew of destructive secrets, emotional voids, and haunting memories. Brought into the world first during a blizzard was the strong, beautiful, and seemingly perfect Paul, whom had not a single flaw in sight. However, one baby came, and another baby left. David makes the rash decision to spare his wife, his family, and regrettably himself, the emotional…show more content…
David witnessed the toll his own mother took after his sister’s passing and attempted to spare his wife those feelings. David remembered the patience involved with his sister and attempted to spare his family those hardships. David experienced being second string to his sister’s needs and attempted to spare his son that neglect. Unfortunately, he could not break free from the inevitability of recreating the life he tried to erase. Grief plays an antagonist in this story, attacking each Henry family member as a result of David’s lie. Greif takes its worst toll on Norah, David’s wife, whom even professes, “Greif, it [seems], [is] a physical place, (305).” She grieves inconsolably when she discovers the news of her daughter’s passing, and frantically when the unfathomable truth about her daughter’s existence finally comes to light years later. Ultimately, it is David’s initial deception that devastates his chance of having a meaningful life. While his intentions were thoughtfully pure, David’s actions created a monster embodying heartache, silence, and grief, a monster he and his family could not

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