Deception In The Open Window

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Deception is when something appears to be so, whether it be an idea or a physical attribute to something, and it ends up being different. Looks, for example, can be deceiving; when a person practically wears a mask of make-up to appear beautiful, but under the mask, they really are just pitiful. In the short story of Mr. Nuttel and the little girl, The Open Window by H. H. Munro, the idea of deception is brief and noticeable. The development of the idea of deception is most notable when the unexpected happens.
The story began with a man named Mr. Nuttel coming to an inn to stay the night. The inn keeper makes him feel at home, and the figure that is the little girl shows up. This is the niece in our story, and she is the one who tells Mr. Nuttel the story of the people going on their hunt. The story went around this lines, "Out through that
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It also seems strange that the window is always left open just in case of their return. This is where deception is key and needs to be fully understood to make any sense. Those hunters left that same day, and return normally in the end, but the niece in the story makes it out to where they have been gone for a very long time when they really have only been gone for the day. What seemed typical blew up into an idea totally made up by this niece, tricking Mr. Nuttel into believing the window is being left open by a group of totally insane people. This sets up the scene when the hunters are seen outside returning from the day 's hunt. Mr. Nuttel sees these hunters and having believed the niece 's view of the story, Mr. Nuttel erupts with anxiety for his life, forcing him to acquire his property and leave.
In the deepening twilight three figures were walking across the lawn towards the window; they all carried guns under their arms, and one of them was additionally burdened with a white coat hung over his shoulders. A tired brown spaniel kept close at their
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