Deception In Twelfth Night And Some Like It Hot

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Deception characterizes the comedies Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and Some Like It Hot, bringing humor to life through physical and mental delusion. The film Some Like It Hot follows two Chicago musicians during the Prohibition era who, after witnessing a mafia crime, disguise themselves as women and join a Florida-bound female band to escape the wrath of mob leader Spats Colombo. Its predecessor, Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, recounts the arrival of Viola on the shores of Illyria following a shipwreck that leads her to believe her brother has died, as she disguises herself as a man to work for the local Duke Orsino. Both works are replete with trickery that fuels unforeseen attractions. Through the use of the theme of deception through appearance, the film Some Like It Hot is a natural descendant of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.…show more content…
In Twelfth Night, Viola dresses as the opposite gender and adopts the name Cesario to be employed by Duke Orsino (4,8). Viola purposely deceives those around her, meaning to convince them of her false identity. The Lady Olivia, to whom Orsino sends Cesario to deliver his message of love, also displays this intentional deception. She wears a veil to portray to those around her that she is in deep mourning for her brother, though the reality is not as severe (2, 37). Through similar methods, Joe and Jerry disguise themselves as Josephine and Daphne in Some Like It Hot to fill an occupation. However, while travelling to Florida with the female band, both men fall in love with their fellow musician, Sugar. In a scheme to win her over, they use their ability as “fellow gals” to uncover what Sugar wants in a potential lover. Joe goes as far as to disguise himself again as the wealthy “Shell Junior”, exhibiting all the qualities he’s learned appeal to Sugar in an attempt to intentionally trick her into falling in love with
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