Decision Making In Tourism Essay

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2.3 Decision Making in Tourism
In order to comprehend how Generation Y is affected by factors like risk, security and safety in the destination choice, it is important to understand the process of decision making in tourism. The aim of this chapter is to provide definitions and explanations on decision making and present popular decision making theories and models. Furthermore, emphasis is put on travel motivations, including the push and pull model. Due to the complexity of the topic, the study focuses on the final destination choice in regards to security and safety issues on private vacations only.
2.3.1 Definition
Decision-making is concerned with an evaluation between alternatives and leads to a final decision or choice (Decrop, 2006; McCabe, Li & Chen, 2015). Especially in tourism, the decision-making process is regarded as complex and uncertain, however, it is an essential part in tourism research and the investigation of this subject has increased in the recent years (Sirakaya & Woodside, 2005). Buying a tourism product comprises high commitment and involvement of the tourist, this leads to a more complex decision process than for
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In Figure 2, a model of decision levels in vacation decision making is presented. According to Decrop (2006) the first level concerns the generic decision, if resources should be spend for a vacation or not. The modal decision, what type of holiday should be chosen is the next level. Finally, the third level deals with the specific decision. The particular destination choice also lies in this level. Although it is a very basic model of decision making it underlines the complexity of the decision making and illustrates that even for simple choices, different stages are relevant and options need to be evaluated. Further decision theories build up on this theory (Decrop,

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