Decision Making Reflection

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When I arrived at the workshop, I felt ashamed, embarrassed, and exhausted. I had just finished taking a midterm for my Computer Science class. I had been in McHenry library the past couple of days studying until closing because I wanted to do well in that class. However, after attending the academic conduct decision-making workshop, I have gain awareness of how my decision impact myself and others, learn a framework that can be used to make complex decisions, and learned to analyze my own decisions to create strategies for self-monitoring.

At one time during the workshop, the teacher asked us to briefly explain the decision-making that I engaged in that resulted in the academic action that brought me to the workshop today. She asked us to reflect with our group on the first choice point that brought me to this present moment. And, so I reflected.. I had explained to my group that last quarter I was just so overwhelmed and incredibly stressed out about doing well in my STEM classes, so that I could finally declare. The thing was, I had switched my major a few times, resulting in me being two quarters behind to declare. My advisors gave me a deadline to declare by the end of last quarter and they said that if I can’t declare by the end of last quarter, I would then had to switch to an alternative major. And that was terrifying for me. I mean, I was only two classes away from declaring..I had worked so hard to get to where I was, so of course I did not want to switch major

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