Decision Process Vs Group Decision Making

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Decision making is an important process that managers have to face in any particular organization. It is the process where decision makers have to make a choice from various options based on their believed (Al - Tarawneh 2012). Several decision processes and model is being used in every decision making. In this paper, the fluid decision process and rational decision model are being discussed with reference with 2 organizations from tigerair Mandala and CapitaLand.
Decision making can be categorized into individual decision making and group decision making. Individual decision making is the choices that are made only by an individual (Sager & Gastil 1999). Group decision making is where various individuals come together to examine problems, evaluate alternatives, and choose the most preferable choice (Francisco, Enrique & Witold 2013). In an organization, individual decision can be a decision made by the CEO of the company while group decision can be a final decision made from a number of departments after discussion. In every individual or group decision making, there are processes and models involved.
The decision making process is being categorized as three types: fluid, sporadic, constricted decision process. In fluid decision process, the processes are conducted in a formal kind of approach that is well organized and in a regular manner and it tends to be fast. In the sporadic decision process, the processes are conducted on an irregular basis with an informal kind of
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