Online Shopping Decision Theory Essay

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Decision theory is theory about decisions. The subject is not a very unified one. To the contrary, there are many different ways to theorize about decisions, and therefore also many different research traditions. This text attempts to reflect some of the diversity of the subject. Its emphasis lies on the less (mathematically) technical aspects of decision theory. To evaluate Decision Theory, I have reviewed three articles about “Youth/ college students’ online buying/shopping decision.” Based on the study, I have found the factors influencing the buying/shopping decision among the youth/college students and youth/ college students’ preference on online retail products. The factors influencing the online shopping decision…show more content…
Majority of respondents shop online but still the respondents think the reason of not shopping online is due to inability to touch and see the product physically while shopping It has been found that internet literacy has significant relationship on online purchase, thus proper care should be taken to promote internet literacy so as to promote online shopping. From the study, it was found that online product price listing has significant impact on online purchase. Thus, if online shopping is to be promoted then online price listing should be less compared to traditional market price listing. The online retailers need to provide more competitive price and variety of product to attract customers and encourage them to make purchase decision. It has also been found that website usability has no significant impact on online shopping, which means that ease of use of website has no impact on whosoever is internet literate and who shop online. Another finding was that there is no significant relationship between online shopping and educational qualification which means that qualification has no impact on online shopping where online shopping has significant relationship with gender. Hence e shopping companies should be distinct in addressing the needs of both male as well as female shoppers while promoting their brands or selling their product in online environment. The study observed that online shopping is in satisfactory level among the students of Assam University. Taking this as an example, if the e shopping companies try to concentrate on above recommendations then it will surely be able to increase the no of online shoppers as well as the frequency of online shopping among the students who are the majority online

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