Decisions In Charlie's Flowers For Algernon

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In the novel Flowers for Algernon Charlie has an Important decision to make. Charlie has to decide if he should be the first human to get an operation to make him smarter. Now, Charlie's intelligence is borderline retarded, and this can affect his answer. How is he suppose to make a reasonable decision, and how is he even suppose to understand the risks of the operation? All Charlie knows is that If he does the operation that he can get more intelligent, and that's all Charlie’s ever wanted. I think Charlie wasn't capable of making a sensible answer and therefore couldn't have made the right one. Charlie's decision is only based off hopes and dreams. It's unfair and undignified that the doctors would have taken advantage of Charlie's disability just so they can do an experiment on him. Charlie is still a boy in his mind and for him to go through being dumb, than smart, than dumb again will put him over the edge. I’m not sure that the doctors even told charlie about the effects that the surgery could bring in the future. So we have a man that's not intelligent enough to make a decision, wants to be smart, and has no idea of the risks of the surgery. From all that information i’d say that Charlie made the wrong decision.…show more content…
Nemur and Dr. Strauss need to decide if Charlie is suitable for the first surgical operation to see if they can make people smarter. The doctors did the surgery on animals before Charlie and they were successful, at the time. The doctors did a lot to prepare for the surgery before they did it on Charlie so they were pretty sure the operation would be a success. Charlie, as I told you before is basically a mentally handicapped man, so a slight increase in intelligence would be detectable and the results could be recorded easily. This would make the research a whole lot easier. So there decision was based off of medically based
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