Decisions In David Hayden's Montana 1948

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Montana 1948 Analysis Everyone has made an important decision in their life time, and those decisions will always be for good or bad. After a decision is made, no one can change the results of it or even blame someone for anything, that’s why it's important to think before making any decision. By thinking before taking any action that can change the outcome of the decision being made. The novel Montana 1948 is a novel based on decisions. The main character in the novel is David Hayden. Decisions is one of the main topic in the novel. Wes Hayden had to make many decisions regarding his brother Frank. Making decisions is when oneself grows to become a better person in life. This world has made many changes , from the 90's up to this day everything is distinctive. I've seen many documentaries on people traveling around the world trying to make a change in the environment. That is part of making decisions. Deciding whether to stand up and go make a change or leaving the world the way it is. Wes stated the following quote "David , I believe that in this world people must pay for their crimes. It doesn’t matter who you are or who your relations are; if you do wrong, you pay. I believe that. I have to"(Watson, pg. 156). This quote is talking about how Wesley wanted to make a decision on the crime that frank made.…show more content…
Gail Hayden started saying the following words. "The reason, Wesley, the reason Marie didn’t want to be examined by Frank is that he- he has. . . is that your brother has molested Indian girls" ( Watson, pg. 45). We see how Gail was nervous because maybe Wesley wouldn’t believe her because he wouldn't want to believe his brother actually would do that, and he wouldn’t be able to do anything to his own
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