Decisions In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The book of Mice and Men is a book, that shows the struggle of all Americans back in the day. How something can end so fast. Many decisions are made in the book, for instance; Candy’s old dog, slims new pups, and the life of Lennie. The main characters have a dream about owning their own land. They are going to work at a ranch to earn money to buy the little ranch they want. They meet many people, some nice and some mean. One of the first characters they meet is candy. A very nice older man and his old dog. Candy’s dog is very old and suffering, in this book they made a decision to put him down. Candy didn’t want to but knew it was the best thing for the dog. They didn’t want him to suffer anymore. Lennie likes to pet things. Throughout the…show more content…
George told Lennie to leave Curley’s wife alone. One day when Lennie was petting the dead pup, the wife came in to talk to him. Lennie told her he couldn’t talk to her. She let him touch her hair; Lennie liked it. She told him to stop, she pulled away and got scared. Lennie froze. Curly’s wife started to scream, Lennie covered her mouth. Then he broke her neck. It was on accident. Lennie knew what he did. He was worried the Gorge would get mad and not let him tend the rabbits. He went to the river where he was told to wait in the beginning of the book. When George and Can 't find her dead in the barn, they knew who did it. When Curlys and the other men came in they also knew who did it. They wanted to kill him. George knew what he had to do. When Candy’s dog got put down, someone else did it for him. He told george that he regrets not killing his own dog. George found Lennie by the river. Lennie asked if George was mad at him. “No” said george. They talked about owning their farm. George heard footsteps and knew he had to do it. He pointed a gun at Lennie’s head and fired. He killed his best friend. Once again, he had too. This shows how a dream and future can end really
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