Decisions Made In Greek Tragedy Antigone

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As people go through life, many are constantly faced with decisions they have to make. Some decisions may be long term and some short term. In the Greek tragedy “Antigone,” Antigone has to choose between her love and loyalty for her brother and her loyalty to the state. Much like Antigone, when I try to make a decision, often I end up having to face a dilemma. One dilemma I have had to face multiple times is deciding whether to go to a game at school or to stay home, do my homework and study. By all means, going to a sports game sounds like the best option. One reason why going to the game would be the best option is I can socialize with my friends. My friends and I don’t get to talk that much in person any more and going to games is a great way of hanging out with them. Another reason is, I would love to go to a sports game to support my friends and school. Going to a game would show my love and loyalty to my friends. I would also create some great memories with my friends and have a fun memory of high school.…show more content…
These tests and homework affect my life greatly. Most of the time, when I study for tests, I do well. Studying and doing my homework allows me to keep my grades high. If I do bad on my test, it will effect my grade heavily, possibly bringing it down a whole letter grade. That will mess up my chances of getting into colleges. By not studying or doing my homework, it would also make my teachers and parents very disappointed and mad at me. I would be going against the word of my teachers. Many teachers, have rules in place that if students do not do their homework, they will receive a detention. Just like I would get detention at school, if Antigone buried her brother Polyneices, she must go against her city and King Creon. King Creon had an edict saying no one has to give Polyneices a proper burial. If done, they would receive a public death by
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