Julius Caesar Calpurnia Character Analysis

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The least noble character of Julius Caesar is Decius. There is a plethora of reasons as to why Decius is an ignoble character. First of all, according to the play, Decius lies to Calpurnia and says that her nightmares mean nothing. Next, Decius says he is going to affront and mock another individual. This makes Decius a heckler. Then, Decius lies to Caesar and says that there are no troubles awaiting him and that he may go forward about to his peregrination destined alongside the Senate. Also, Decius keeps information from Caesar and never explains to him that he will be dying later that night and that he in fact will not be attending a celebration. Decius is terrible at having allegiance. Decius will retain replete dossier.

As the play starts, Calpurnia’s nightmares actually do mean something. This hideous nightmare proves to be an augury of Caesar’s death, as Caesar ends up dying shortly after Calpurnia’s nightmares. Calpurnia was indubitable incubus. Calpurnia is clairvoyant, yet Decius was ignoble, as he claims that the nightmares are nothing to worry about despite the fact that he knows for a fact that Caesar will be dying. This is lying. Decius wanted more so to obliterate Caesar. As Decius is saying in the play, he will be laughing and affronting others for not liking Caesar. Decius
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Lying is ignoble since it may hurt other people’s feelings or cause a series of tragic events to occur. Having Decius enjoin Caesar to visit the Senate despite knowing of the dangers that are ahead is another example of Decius is ignoble and holding a covert. Knowing that the conspirators will be killing Caesar and not telling him is murder. Decius likely let this tragedy occur due to a collusion between him and the conspirators. It appears that Decius has a covenant with the conspirators to abolish Caesar. Murder is unhonorable, as one should never kill another living being and it may hurt the feelings of
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