Declaration Of Freedom

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I believe that we don’t completely uphold the principles of the Declaration of Independence. There is racism, broken rights, bullying, and so many horrible things that disobey the Declaration of Independence’s principles. However, there are also law abiding citizens who obey everything and have all their rights, then there are heroes, who dedicate their whole lives to making this into a completely good country that upholds every principle of the Declaration of Independence. There is still freedom of speech and we still have the right to be whatever religion we want without having to deal with people coming to our door and saying we are a traitor and that we should be executed. For example, I am agnostic and no one really bothers me about it, they still accept me for who I am except for the people who don’t and actually do see me as a traitor. But showing that at least some people will accept you for who you are and not just based on your beliefs and your looks, but on your personality and kindness, is amazing, sure, lots of people look for people with good looks, but there are some…show more content…
It’s all just unfair because some Americans obey the law and are really nice while there are the ones who call others names and cause them to commit suicide. Then there is also women 's rights, which is a very big problem, because women are not making the same amount of money as a man who does the same job with the same assignments. The Declaration of Independence clearly stated that all men are created equal, but nowadays society is basically disagreeing with that by having to protest about how all lives matter and how some NFL players are taking a knee. Protesting is our right and yet some people have gotten mad at those NFL players for standing up for themselves, getting their rights, and it is unfair of people to start hating on them for trying to get
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