Declaration Of Freedom Vs. Fear In The Majestic

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“The Declaration of Independence? The Constitution? Those are pieces of paper with signatures on 'em. And you know what a piece of paper with a signature is? A contract. And you know what a contract is? Something that can be renegotiated at any time. It just so happens the House Un-American Activities Committee is renegotiating the contract this time around. Next time it'll be somebody else, but it'll always be somebody.” Fear is an alright thing to have; however, when fear begins to overpower logical thinking, that is when it should be frowned upon. In class we watch two movies and read one play that show times where fear has crossed this boundary. There are many parallels between these examples; These include parallels of hysteria, fighting against a rigged system, and spectral evidence. In order to understand these parallels, you must first understand the what exactly happened in…show more content…
Appleton then ends up being mistaken for a war veteran after washing up shore. Reinvigorates the town by fixing the movie theater.After that the father that mistook him as his son dies the night that he get his memory back. Appleton is then subpoenaed to show up in front of HUAC. Appleton goes to face HUAC with a statement prepared by his lawyers, but instead fights for his constitutional rights, and returns to the town as a hero. The next is, “Goodnight and good luck”, directed George Clooney, a movie about Edward R. Murrow’s stand against senator Mccarthy through reporting on him and his actions through the news. This leads to attacks from Mccarthy saying that Murrow is a communist. Murrow's
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