Declaration Of Independence Dbq

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At the end of the French and Indian war, King George could not take such utter disrespect. The British started to put in new laws and boundaries in place that ultimately would hurt every party that was involved with them. The British had lost a tremendous amount money as well as the French did paying off the money to wartime debt. Lots of Indians lost their lives and had the land taken away from them. The American colonist are the only ones out of the seven year war to come out somewhat unscaled. The American colonist wrote the Declaration of Independence in regards to unfair taxation and treatment towards the American colonies. When the settlers from the west came to the states, they sought land and opportunity. But the harsh reality slapping wide eye faces was that in fact there was little of…show more content…
With England placing taxes on every paper transaction, Sam Adams had finally had enough and “The Stamp Act of 1765" was created. Sam Adams and a hand full of his vocal peers organized resistance in Massachusetts. With Boston being the most defining colony, England inserted extra troops in to the city. Which this only caused more problems because the soldiers we're taking extra jobs and act ill-mannered towards the colonist. That lead to the Boston Massacre of 1770 that left five colonist dead and six wounded. After this Sam Adams started to try to set up a committee of correspondence by getting together other writers from different colonies. The British intended to gain favor with passing the Tea Act in 1773, lowering the prices of the tea but adding a small tax. As Boston remain the focal point of the rebellion it did not sit well with their appointed leaders Sam Adams and Paul Revere. So they organized the Boston Tea Party to show England how serious they could we’re. Left with no harbor until the tea debt was repaid. And the king cracking down on Massachusetts something had to be
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