Declaration Of Independence Essay

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Declaration of Independence from Society's View on

Why is it the case that you have to like a certain game? Why is Minecraft for kids, Halo for guys, and Candy Crush for grandmas distracting themselves from how many cats they have? The answer is there is no reason. I have been doing the research, and I think it's completely unfair. Therefore, I declare independence from this outlook from society, and choose my own path.

I enjoy a good game of Minecraft. The only thing is, to be "allowed" to play Minecraft, you're either a little kid or a child molester. That isn't even a joke, that's just truth. But people who own big Minecraft servers like Hive or Hypixel have to make business decisions every day. I'm almost certain that …show more content…

Back in the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo chose which gender to market to. As you can probably guess, they chose boys. Girls were left with nothing but dolls and watching boys play 8-bit basketball games. And still, people are shocked when they are beat by a girl in a video game. My best friend plays video games like crazy, and she is a girl who knows how to win fair and square.

And mobile games, although small and silly, should be for anyone. Candy Crush, Words with Friends, and other games of its caliber are all seen as "old lady games" that you would be ashamed to admit you played. But games are for everyone, and you should be proud of what you like. If you want to match 3 candies in a row in a delicious combination, who has the right to call you a loser? Spoiler: The answer is nobody.

Even if things seem bleak, I have found recently that I am not alone. In a popular show called Adam Ruins Everything, I was pleased to learn that different game companies are trying to make games geared towards everyone. They aren't just making Barbie doll games for girls, but creating games for both parties of boy and girl, without any preconditions about one gender. They are trying to bridge the gap video game companies created so long

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