Declaration Of Independence Pros And Cons

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In the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson wrote “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men a created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuits of Happiness” (Jefferson). Everyone has the same rights as others, but the problem in this century is the lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender community (LGBT) does not have the equal rights as “straight” citizens do. Reasons why they may not have these equal rights is because of the government may be embarrassed to give these people their rights to be equal cause the government will lose the respect and strength of the other countries and theirs. Along with most the world’s population believes…show more content…
Meanwhile the government are not protecting the LGBT community because it’s considered “wrong” this causes violence towards homosexual. For example, the cons about Gay Rights is that “Married LGBT couples can access the same assistance as heterosexual couples and are afforded the same amount of protection under the law”(Duigon 4). The government does not show equalness towards the LGBT community as they do to the “straight” people. It’s disappointing that protection is reduced because he or she is attracted to their same gender or more, but how government ignores that fact that they are struggling as well at the other and yet nothing has changed for them. To go into more detail, Mississippi has created a law to where doctors can refuse to provide medical care to he or she that are homosexual, as well as therapist do not have to counsel them either. It create fear towards LGBT community because that is the betrayal on their own government that does not have their back, but then who does. It 's our responsibility to stand with the LGBT community and to demand the government for their equal right because they are human being like the rest of us. If not how are we supposed to grow as a society is there is conflict on what we are and what need…show more content…
This is going to expand the minds of young ones, knowing that they can love anyone because he or she have the same right as the others. If this law does not pass it will destroy the faith of people and steer the lives of LGBT individuals because the right of equalness will no longer be able to the happiness and enjoyment on lives. He or she will be equal as everyone and will be proud of who they’ve become, as well as peace of the individuals since they have the protecting ton there government and society. In conclusion, equal rights is a move toward the future for the rest of the homosexual lives to be able to have the same rights at others. Not only that, but if society take these steps to give the LGBT community the equalness it won’t be as difficult to “coming out of the closet”. It’s time to go stand with next them, to give them strength and courage to demand the government to create this as a law, because no one deceive their equal rights be
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