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U.S. & Missouri Constitution Take-Home Quiz: 40 points Declaration of Independence & U.S. Constitution: in your textbook, Missouri Constitution: Directions: Please type your response for short answer questions in bold in the space provided, and highlight your response for multiple choice questions. 1. According to the Declaration of Independence, a) governments are created to (1 point): To Secure our rights. b) and people have the right to overthrow the government when (1 point): the government no longer protects our rights and the people endure many abuses. 2. Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution deals with the legislative branch along with the separation of powers, the powers…show more content…
Please identify which amendment these are from and demonstrate a clear understanding of the amendment (5 points). 8. The Fourth Amendment protects you from unreasonable search and seizures. This means that if the police were to believe you had kidnapped someone and believed you were holding them in your house that the police could not come into your house without a warrant. The Fifth Amendment protects you from being arrested for a crime if the indictment was not carried out properly. It also says that the state and the country have to respect your rights as a citizen of the United States. The Sixth Amendment gives the person the right to a fair and speedy trial along with a fair jury and an attorney if the person accused of the crime wants one. So the trial must go as fast as possible to get over with, the jury must be open-minded and not one-sided on the case, and if the person on trial wants an attorney, he must be appointed with one. The Eighth Amendment protects you from cruel punishment, must be a fair punishment, and a large standing fine cannot be held. So if someone is put in prison, they cannot be beat by the officers, etc., for the crime that they…show more content…
It also gives us the freedom of religion where different religions are allowed to practice in the United States and not be frowned upon and it gives us the right to assemble and petition the government if needed when the government isn’t doing what it is supposed to. 13. Is the Constitution still important to our nation? Why or why not? (2 points) The constitution is still important today because without it, what would become of our government? It’s relevant because people still believe we have to obey by it. People believe in their rights as an American and without the Constitution, American’s rights would not be protected and the government wouldn’t be able to function. Although there is quite the debate on the constitution. Some believe that it is outdated and that we shouldn’t have to follow it and others believe that it is apart of our history and how the Founding Father’s wanted the United States to be. 14. How many Constitutions has Missouri had? (1 point) Four 15. What year was Missouri 's latest Constitution written? (1 point) 1945 16. What is the Capitol of Missouri?(1 point) Jefferson
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