Declaration Of Independence Summary

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The United States had a long drive toward their independence, they lost many people had had to live to a lot of hardship till they reached that point. In the article The Declaration of Independence, the representatives of the united states of America writes to the Monarch of Great Britain. This was telling the monarch that they are tired of the way that they are running the county, and that now the thirteen colonies would like to conduct the nation in their own. Through this declaration the representatives are telling what they dislike about the king, and the rule that the monarch has on the thirteen colonies. This was their declaration of independence from the monarch. As this was in the end on the article saying that they will like to create…show more content…
This excerpt is dedicated to the legislative power, he talk about how the laws are and how they represent the country that the people live in. He goes into the detail for each of the law that the monarch represented, but this shows also that people in the colonies also had some of a say in the laws that were created in the colonies. He also talks about the office holders and talks about the kind of power that they have and the power that they represent. Finally the article by Thomas Paine Common Sense, was talking about the American Independence. He talks generally about the government and religion, but be also touches upon the colonies and what the colonists went through under the British Monarch. The way that Thomas Paine thinks, in common sense, is similar to that of the Declaration of Independence. Paine talks about how the people in the colonies are isolated from the rest of the world, and due to this they should be able to create their own laws and that they should not be dictated by a kind who is not even in the country. Paine writes, “Whoever says No, to this question, is an independent, for independency means no more than this, whether we shall
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