Free Persuasive Speech

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The sight of striking verdigris that covers her entire body along with the tabula ansata in her left hand, and the flaming torch in her right, is easily recognizable to everyone as Lady Liberty. She represents the ideals that are outlined by our Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence proclaiming Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for every man. Indeed, in order to protect their basic human rights against the tyrant of Great Britain, they sacrificed everything from their positions as noble men to the lives of their brother and sisters. Yet, America has moved further away from these principles in the past few years as lack of tolerance is still plaguing our cities, petitions that limit the people’s freedom are being lobbied, and our second amendment is under threat of being repealed. In recent news, the death of teenager Michael Brown and Eric Garnier at the hands of police has been a source of…show more content…
As of the year 2000, obesity rates have skyrocketed among adults and children, leading doctors to officially call it a nationwide “pandemic.” In order to fight this disease, many public institutions such as schools and hospitals have implemented regulations on the sale of junk food. However, some states like New York have taken an extra step to ensure its civilians cut down on the consumptions of these inexpensive treats by banning the purchase of soda that is larger than 16 oz. This law clearly violates the concept of separation of powers instituted by Congress. Therefore, the Supreme Court ruled against this proposition before it could passed. Although the petition was lobbied for the sake of improving the health of New Yorkers, it would of still violated their basic rights. Even though the United States faced a similar issue during Prohibition we have attempted yet again to restrict the people’s

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