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ACCOMPLISHMENTS: I accepted a Declaration of Rights which limited the Sovereign 's power, reaffirmed Parliament 's claim to control taxation and legislation, and provided guarantees against the abuses of power which James II and the other Stuart Kings had committed. I became ruler after the Glorious Revolution where James II was not king anymore. I became joint monarchs with my wife Mary, and we made the following laws: Parliament was to meet frequently. I got power in the Glorious Revolution in which the English people overthrew a king they deemed unacceptable and chose their next rulers. The revolution occurred because Charles II’s son, James II, was an overt Catholic, which did not sit well with the predominantly Protestant public. The crown retained the right to veto bills and to pardon whomever he or she chose. Freedom of speech…show more content…
I founded the Bank of England to fund my war against King Louis XIV BELIEFS ON GOVERNMENT: The most ideal government is one in which there are two rulers, This allows for more thought to go into any decision done by the government. A rulers job is to unite the government, politically. A good ruler must have military and administrative experience. I had experience to rule England, as I was the Prince of Orange, and I was a military commander in the United Provinces. Sovereignty is achieved through creating strong alliances with powerful countries. ON RELIGION: Although religion is important for a country to prosper as new ideas form, and this increases interaction between people, religious tolerance is very important. Kingship not be decided by religion, rather by how experienced a person is. ON SOCIAL ISSUES: Women’s opportunities were reduced by the closure of convents, however there were still many nuns. When I made the Bill of Rights, environment, science, the arts, and philosophy flourished. This made society prosper under my

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