Declaration Of Sentiments Analysis

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Summary of Primary Source Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s central claim in this primary source is about women’s rights in the United States. Stanton wrote the “Declaration of Sentiments” which was model after the Declaration of Independence. In this primary source, she stands against the government that has led women to suffer under it and declares that under the constitution it is their job to disregard that type of government and demand for a new administration that pursuits “safety and happiness”. Stanton goes on to explain how man has always towered over women and provides evidence to support her argument. She explains how women are not allowed to vote, have to follow the laws without being properly represented, and criticizes how suppressed…show more content…
Her family consisted of her mother, eleven siblings (who mostly didn’t make it), and her father, who was a lawyer that served in the legislature and judicial branch within the federal and state level. Since her father had a well-off job that meant that she lived in a middle/ high-income status indicating she never had to work thus explains how she had the opportunity to concentrate of women’s role in society. In addition to her father’s government jobs, it led to her to be exposed to the constitutional laws and its victims that suffered injustice from it, which influenced her to use the constitution when writing the “Declaration of Sentiments”. Also, it guided her when she spoke publicly to crowds of people. She studied at Johnstown Academy and Emma Willard’s Troy Female Seminary, where it led her to use her skills to organize America’s first woman’s rights convention. Like most women in the U.S., Stanton got married to Henry B. Stanton, who was an anti-slavery abolitionist. Also, she was one of the few women that had a husband that supported her to pursue her goal actively. Her husband’s role in the social reform movement was what motivated her to seek her role in society. She was a representation of what was a feminist because even though she was a married woman she did not take off her maiden name and that action itself shows how bold she was to stress the significance of a woman should be in the…show more content…
She had this proposal of what women should be in the United States, and she fought for it until there was change History reveals the struggles women underwent without notice and how it took decades, no centuries to get to where we are today. However, today women still fight for equality in wages, gender roles, and sexual harassment in the workplace. It may have started with women’s right, but now we have expanded to other topics which implies why Women’s March was created for, which is the purpose to “stand together for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all”. In addition, the past reflects how society has transformed and still thrives on a change to be fair, unbiased, and impartial. Not only have women learn from history on how to make a difference in today’s’ culture, but it has influenced other minority communities to stand up like LGBT, immigrants and the
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