Decline In Pyrmont Case Study

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The redevelopment of the Pyrmont–Ultimo area is one of the most significant urban renewal programs undertaken in Australia. Once a flourishing frontier port, Pyrmont 's rich history is still gladly in plain view amongst a present day extension of eateries, stores, bistros and parks. The following questions were to address the issue of urban growth and decline in Pyrmont: What are the reasons for urban growth and decline? What was the Pyrmont area first used for and has this changed? Does the government plan to redevelop the area? Have any of the aged buildings been repurposed? What are some possible reasons for urban growth and decline in the area? Pyrmont has experienced many changes since its beginnings. From a booming port industry, into…show more content…
By the 1890′s, wool stores, power stations and mills created employment for thousands of local residents and continued to do so until the 1960′s, particularly during World War II. As early as 1900, Pyrmont was the Australian centre for distribution of flour, milk, sugar and wool, and was providing Sydney with all its power for lights and trams (Pyrmont village, 2010). Pyrmont became the largest working industrial centre in Sydney. As well as its thriving wool industry, Pyrmont was the home of Sydney’s best sandstone, creating a lucrative business in quarrying. Some of Sydney’s most reputable and well-known buildings were built using Pyrmont’s yellow block sandstone. Figure 3 showcases this diverse change. During Pyrmont’s establishment this harbor was bustling with ships filled with cargo, smoke and men bustling around with workloads in trucks and carriages. Yet, it is now a trendy suburb where people with money live, 15 million apartments, leisure and corporate businesses, all making up a perfect city landscape as seen in figure 5. Large-scale infrastructure and property redevelopment has transformed Pyrmont into a desirable inner city residential suburb. It is expected to result in the residential population reaching 20,000 by…show more content…
The history behind the significant area is evident throughout the walls, buildings and grounds all around. Despite the development of the trendy area, Pyrmont will always keep its historical roots. Outline two specific groups and outline the actions that they could take to respond to this issue. Two groups that could take action to respond to the issue of Urban growth and decline in Pyrmont are The friends of Pyrmont and The City West development corporation. City west is directly in charge of bringing about the urban renewal of Pyrmont. The City west is aiming to turn Pyrmont into an urban renewal success stories, evolving into vibrant urban grounds providing new parks, housing, leisure and entertainment facilities as well as employment opportunities. The City West is hoping to achieve this whilst preserving its colourful heritage through gentrification, adaptive reuse and repurposing old buildings and neighbourhoods in the

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