Decline In The Trade Union

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Trade union membership worldwide has been decline due to structural factors that is smaller public sector, smaller manufacturing sector and fewer large firms. The labor market has become more volatile, with workers mobility, part time work, and lastly flexible work arrangements. Moreover, enlightened managements and mobility of capital as well as diversity of work force and workplace have reduced benefits of joining trade unions, impaired trade unions bargaining power and increased the cost of organizing. These developments have adversely affect trade union worldwide. This essay is based on the decline in trade union membership and the advantages and disadvantages of trade unions. Also the reasons for why trade unions are important. Decline…show more content…
Trade unions may also provide legal advice, financial assistance, sickness benefits and education facilities to their members. Trade union membership has been decline across the industrialized market economies in recent years. Decline in membership is due to largely to common developments such as a decline in employment in traditionally manufacturing industry and the growth of service employment and increasing levels of employment.
The trade union’s main aim is to protect and advance the interest of its members in the workplace. The following section discusses the decline in trade union membership, reasons of decline union in membership and the solution of the declines, advantages and disadvantages of trade unions membership in any employment.
Trade union is an organization who have come together to achieve common goals such as protecting the integrity of its trade, improving safety standards, achieving higher pay and benefits such as health care and retirement, increasing the number of employees an employer assigns to complete the work and better working conditions.
Most trade unions are independent of any employer. However, trade unions try to develop close working relationships with employers. This can sometimes take the form of a partnership agreement between the employer and the trade union which identifies their
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It also brings significant productivity benefits for companies.
4.2 Ensure workplaces are safe
Trade unions representatives help to lower accident tares atwork by ensuring safe working practices and reducing stress related ill health caused, for example, working long hours being bullied or working in poor quality environments. Unionized workplaces are safer work places which has the added benefits for employers of significantly reducing employers of significantly reducing the cost of ill health and accidents.
4.3. Improve staff retention
Trade unions negotiate on their member’s behalf with employers to find solutions that meet business needs, while ensuring that workers are treated fairly. By giving workers a voice and supporting workers when they are unhappy at work. Trade unions significantly improve staff retention and reduce absenteeism. Improved working conditions in unionized workplace also give workers power incentive to remain in their jobs for longer, and to use their time at work more
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