Decline Of Mughal Empire Essay

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Pranay Ganesh K AAA0550, CSE-3rd Year. HIST 103 In my opinion, It would be more convincing to use the term ‘decline’ rather than ‘fall’ when explaining the end of the Mughal Empire in India. Decline is slow which is observed in case of the end of the Mughal Empire, while fall is sudden. The decline had started with Shah Jahan’s reign. There were problems that the Mughals were facing which form the base for the process of decline. The available social surplus was insufficient to defray the cost of administration, pay for wars, giving the ruling class a standard of life in keeping with the expectations. The expansion of agriculture, Industry and Trade was narrowing compared to the amount of demand due to the Social Crisis, as stated by Satish Chandra. The decline of Mughal Empire was brought about chiefly by a combination of its frontiers being rendered inelastic and the blunting of its long held advantage in heavy cavalry-based warfare, as stated by Rohan D’Souza. The comprehensive reasons that sum-up to the decline of the Mughal Empire: Jagirdari crisis stands the central part of the process of the decline of the Mughal Empire in India, as it was considered the key to the success and existence of the Empire earlier to the period of Aurangzeb. This Jagirdari crisis is not merely a financial cum administrative problem but also simultaneously a manifestation of a deep-seated social crisis. The nobility had to suffer, especially the Khanazads due to the lack of Jagirs or the delay in allocating…show more content…
Crisis before the fall: Decline of the Ottomans, Safavids and Mughals. Rohan D’Souza, Vol. 30, No 9/10 OCT 2002, pp.3-30. 2. The Jagirdari crisis: A Fresh look Satish Chandra. 3. The agrarian causes of the fall of the Mughal Empire: Irfan

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