The Role Of Decolonization In Africa

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Decolonization refers to the process by which colonies became independent and were allowed to govern themselves; from a state of ‘colony’ to that of ‘Republic’. Presently, there are 16 remaining non self-governing territories (Decolonization, 2015). It took different forms with different countries. For some, it was gradual and peaceful while others were violent and characterized by native rebellions who were fired up by nationalism. There were various factors that led to decolonization in Africa particularly after the Second World War (WWII) when European countries generally lacked the wealth and political support necessary to suppress revolts in the colonies (Decolonization, 2015). Egypt was the first African country that gained independence in Africa on 28th February, 1922 from Britain. In sub-Saharan Africa however, Ghana was the first country to attain independence from Britain on 6th March, 1957 (Ghana’s Dubious Decolonization Distinction, 2015).…show more content…
Three key elements played a major role in the process: the thirst for independence, the Second World War which demonstrated that colonial powers were no longer invulnerable, and a new focus on anti-colonialism in international arenas such as the United Nations. The Atlantic
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