Deconstructionist Architecture Analysis

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How, if at all, does the work of Frank Gehry epitomise the style of Deconstructionist architecture?

I have always been fascinated by the great work from an architect whose works are always associated with the architecture style, deconstructionist architecture. It is hugely because of the momentum, the chaos, the distortion that large amount of his works consist of. I was questioning who might this crazy man be, who put all those bizarre looking gigantic sculptures around the world. His name is Frank Owen Gehry, a Canadian born American architect, who has won not only awards and honours but also attention and recognition from different people in and outside of the industry. Some say he is just a crazy man doing crazy sketches and building spatially
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Deconstruction is a philosophy developed with the influence of structuralism and actively being discussed and criticised in the late 1960’s. The idea of deconstruction has caused a lot of controversies and misconception which split the advocates and criticizing party of the idea. Nonetheless, deconstruction has shifted intellectuals in viewing the world and bringing an impact in the creative field of the world such as literature, architecture, the fine arts, music, etc. The term “deconstruction” was first brought up to the world by the French philosopher Jacques Derrida in his book “De La Grammatologie” (1967). This very first text set the foundation of this idea and brought Derrida into fame. Unlike the others, the idea of deconstruction was further developed based on the denial of…show more content…
It is important because the speaker is involved within, being present, in which speakers are able to state clearly and elaborate its point thoroughly. In contrary, Derrida argues that writing can only record words of the author and instead of a media to translate its idea, leaving to vagueness and inaccuracy of understanding the text, isolating the author from the text itself. Thus, western tradition marginalizes writing due to the fact that the opportunity leading to misread. Centralising the meaning and marginalizing the signifier; considering writing as a subsidiary of speech. Consequently, we can come to conclusion that speech has taken the form of speech, since both the giver is concurrently present with the recipient. On the other hand, writing is absence, since in the process of reading, the giver can not be present. Here it demonstrates how the process of deconstruction is done on
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