Decontamination Research Paper

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Decontamination Methods
Perry Keaton

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) - 1
Instructor: Dawn Brown
March 25, 2016
Decontamination Methods-1

De contamination is a serious process when it comes to dealing with hazardous material and weapons of mass destruction. There are various ways in which this process can be accomplished. I will try to explain some those methods in this brief essay.

Describe the various application methods used for facility and equipment decontamination. The methods use for facility and equipment sometimes involve either physical and chemical methods or a combination of both. The focus on this method was to either kill or neutralization the chemical agents.

When facilities or equipment comes into play they are some considered expendable rather taken the chance of reusing them
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Therefore the only methods that can be use are thru physical removal of the source.

Include types of antimicrobial pesticides and the biological agents that are most difficult to kill. Some of the known pesticides and biological agents that are difficult to kill consist of such things as spore-forming bacteria, vegetative bacteria, toxins, and various viruses). Here is some pesticides example formaldehyde, per acetic acid, ethylene oxide, and hypochlorite).

When handling all these different agents and chemical personal protection is a must also alone with facility and equipment decontamination. Which bring use to the final question of: Describe the workers ' protection issues for personnel involved in facility and equipment decontamination. When it comes down to the protection issues certain are involve per federal, state and local regulations. Among the most important of these regulations is those related to personnel health and safety. 29CFR 1910.120.


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