Decreasing Student Population In Calatrava

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The conclusion by the committee fails because of the many assumptions that it fails to back with data. Because the conclusion fails to account for assumptions regarding the evidence of reduced education budget, the increased adult population, or the reduced influx of students it fails to make a cohesive case and fails under close scrutiny.

The argument assumes that because of the dwindling population birthrate, the education funds can be cut for the next decade. While the trends might indicate that the population has reduced in the past 5 years, it is not a foregone conclusion that it would continue to do so. If the population of the Calatrava increased in the near future, the funds allocated towards the future education of the students might hugely fall of the mark. Another important factor to consider is the influx of immigrants from other cities who might be contributing to the student population in Calatrava. If the immigrants are a huge chunk of the education ecosystem in Calatrava, reducing the educational funds will definitely
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The adult population might also be dwindling for a variety of reasons like increased migration to neighboring cities or increasing mortality rate. In fact, the reduced adult population might be the cause of the decrease birth rate. Consequently, without numbers that back the committee 's conclusion of the adult population increase, the argument falls apart. A census should be performed and juxtaposed with the previous known data about the adult population in Calatrava. If there is a significant decline in the adult population, it would not be justified to allocate additional funds to the adult population. The conclusion from the committee would have held its own better, if there was sufficient data backing the confidence in the adult population

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