Drug Trafficking Case Study

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Forum: The Economic and Social Council
Issue: Addressing legalization and/or decriminalization as responses to the global trade in illicit narcotics
Student Officer: Hyewon Cho
Position: Deputy President
Currently, illicit drug trade is one of the largest global problem, attracting criminals and black market enterprises. Several laws indicate that it is essential to stop the drug trafficking in various countries, especially in Colombia, the United States, Latin America, Mexico, and more. The issue of illicit narcotics can be categorized into three main parts: producing, trafficking, and consuming. Resolutions made previously and many solutions focus on legalization in specific steps of drug trafficking. Numerous organizations are
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There were some threats identified such as the shipment of Colombian cocaine into Eastern Europe then to the west. On the other hand, the end of the war opened up possibility of combating the drug trade.
Key Issues
Drug trafficking What is it?
Drug trafficking is a global illicit trade which includes cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substances which are subject to drug prohibition laws. The United Nation is monitoring global illicit drug markets in order to halt drug trafficking. Trafficking around the globe
Most of the drugs being transported are seized in the Near and Middle East and South-West Asia, which is 39% of the global total, South-East Europe (24%) and Western and Central Europe (10%). Drugs that are placed in the North American market are mainly transported from Colombia to Mexico or Central America. Usually, people use container shipments when trafficking cocaine to Europe from Colombia since Colombia remains as the main source of drugs.

Main Global Drug Flows
Illegal drug
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Reducing drug production at the source, such as cocaine and heroin, may be one solution to cope with the problem. Eradicating coca bushes and opium poppy crops can or giving alternative livelihood options to former drug crop farmers can easily stop drug production. Combating drug transit, which can reduce the international flow of drugs from source countries to final destinations is an essential part of concluding illegal drug trade. Dismantling international illicit drug network does not allow any illegal drugs to be transported across the globe. The United States can collaborate with other countries to target major drug traffickers and transnational networks through various law enforcement

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