Decriminalization Argumentative Analysis

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Based on the readings, “the term “decriminalization” has been used to describe laws which reduce the legal sanctions for possession of small amounts to penalties other than imprisonment.” (Single, 2011, Para 2.) according to Single, we still have to take into consideration that possession of marijuana is against the law, but when caught with marijuana you are not entitled to prison time but you will receive the maximum penalty when it comes to the fine regrading marijuana. There were a lot of positive aspects when it came to the decriminalization of marijuana, In California, marijuana possession arrests declined by a whopping 36% in the first half of 1975 to 23% in the first half of 1976 when the decriminalization was in full effect, that being…show more content…
Lastly, “Among those aged 18-24, use increased from 27% in 1974 to 33% in 1978, while among those aged 24-34 use increased from 6% in 1974 to 19% 1978.” (Single, 2011, p4) that is an example of a negative aspect of decriminalization because those young individuals clearly understand that they won’t receive imprisonment but instead receive a piece of paper just stating they need to pay this amount of money for possessing it which is bad because they would not face any real…show more content…
The first reason being is that it is illegal to possess to substance for one, and it the punishment is minor compared to other possessions of other drugs. the punishment for possession of marijuana should be at least 24 hours in jail instead of the maximum fine related to the drug because a lot of children and adults would take the law seriously a lot more. I also agree with the decriminalization of marijuana because it would also help our economy as well, that being said the government can open up a marijuana dispensary shop where people can buy marijuana for a lot more but to bypass the possession of marijuana charge they could always show proof of purchase from the place that they bought it

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