Decriminalizing Prostitution In Australia Essay

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Prostitution known as one of the ‘world’s oldest professions’ continues to survive centuries of stigma and denunciation. Today, many countries have attempted to create safer environments for sex workers. Yet, it is argued that laws decriminalizing prostitution have failed abysmally to protect those in the trade around the world. The list of abuses by ‘pimps’ and clients including rapes, beatings, trafficking and lack of proper health care support continue to deplorably grow. Through the legalization of prostitution in the rest of Australia, an undeniable increase in human trafficking, violence and sexually transmitted diseases will occur. Whilst legalization may appear to elevate the balance of power and women may be able to demand their rights, the nature of this profession remains an exceptionally dangerous one where women are wholly vulnerable and appropriated for their sexuality. In Australia, being involved in a paid sexual encounter is not illegal, but each state has its own respective jurisdictions that criminalise particular areas of prostitution. Today, states including NSW, VIC, QLD and the ACT have laws that primarily decriminalize prostitution. For example Victoria’s prostitution regulation act only deters prostitutes from soliciting and loitering. Furthermore,…show more content…
Again, governments naïvely believed that these policies would work, and again they were proved wrong. In a recent CATW study involving American prostitutes it was reported that ‘47% stated men expected sex without a condom’ and ‘73% reported that men offered to pay more for sex without a condom.’ Furthermore, ‘45% of women said they were abused if they insisted that men use condoms.’ Those who have unprotected sex with a prostitute not only endanger themselves but also place their families at risk as
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