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A decubitus ulcer is a sore developed by pressure from lying in one position for too long. Typically described as an open wound on skin and is also called a pressure sore or bed sore. Decubitus ulcers often occur on the skin covering bony areas, like on the hips, back, ankles, and the buttocks. Long periods of time in a bed, wheelchair, or to those who can’t move certain body parts without help are also a huge cause for ulcers. They are also most likely to happen to those with fragile skin. One of the main reasons that causes this ulcer to appear on skin is due to an unreasonable amount of pressure. Lying on a certain area for a long period of time can cause the skin to breakdown therefore the skin gets thinner in places next to…show more content…
Symptoms include discoloration in the skin, pain in the affected area, infection, open skin, skin that does not lighten to the touch, skin may be softer or firmer than the surrounding skin. And the diagnosis for Decubitus Ulcer is when your doctor may refer you to a wound care team of doctors, specialists and nurses experienced in treating pressure sores. The team may evaluate your ulcer based on several important aspects. And they are the size and depth of the ulcer, the type of tissue (skin, muscle, and/or bone) directly affected by the ulcer, the color of the skin affected by the ulcer, the amount of tissue death that occurs from the ulcer and the condition of the ulcer (such as infection, foul odor, and bleeding). Also the physician also may take samples of the fluids and tissue found within the pressure sore. In addition, he or she may look for signs of bacteria growth and cancer. For the treatment for Decubitus Ulcer is well first finding in what level or condition you are and then developing a wound care plan this includes medications, therapies, and even surgery to treat pressure sores (or any type of wound). Some preventions for Decubitus Ulcer are to have someone check you for bed sores everyday if you are immobile, change position at least every two days, eat a well balanced meals and also drink 8 to 10 cups of water

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