Exemplification Essay: The Dedicated Life Of A Dentist

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The Dedicated Life of a Dentist

Have you ever been in a situation that made you anxious? Was there ever a time where you felt pain and didn’t know what to do? Or have you ever wondered what you could be doing to better your health? Dentists can fix and provide you with all of the above! Most dentists are trained and taught over a course of eleven years to gain the knowledge of handling patients effectively. Although dentists can seem scary, they are vital to society by providing what is necessary to prolong the oral health of patients around the globe. Dentists must perform multiple tasks in a normal day, but there are a few duties that must be accomplished in order to be successful. Checking the health of the patient 's teeth, hard tissue, and soft tissue is the number one priority. Another big part of a dentist’s job is to remove decay and clean the clients teeth. This is done by scraping, brushing, and wiping the surface of the teeth. Dentists then move on from there to find and repair any cracked teeth or fill cavities. If necessary, dentists can perform minor surgeries such as a biopsy which entails
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For example mirrors, forceps, digital scanners, and probes are the most common apparatuses. Other tools such as x-ray machines and drills aren’t used as often but are still important for dental offices to have. According to Dr. Bill Dorfman, an experienced dentist and owner of a dental clinic, “I don’t think machines will ever replace dentists. There is still so much growth that needs to happen in Third World Countries with access to care, dental education, and oral hygiene” (qtd. in dentistryiq.com). Even with all of the technology that is created in today’s time, dentists will still be more efficient. Additionally, dentists have to protect his or herself from obscure diseases that patients could have. Therefore they wear glasses, masks, and gloves to protect themselves from contracting

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