Deductive Approach

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3.4) Research approach
In science there are two types of research approaches to processes social phenomena: inductive and deductive (Asante-nnuro, 2015). The main difference between inductive and deductive approach is that deductive approach associated with testing some of the existing theory but inductive aims to develop a new theory based on scientific results of research (Gamage, 2013).

3.4.1) Justification
Deductive approach involves a passing from general to specific. According to Yin (2003) deductive approach assumes that research begins with a general theory regarding a specific problem (topic), and then specified in one or more hypotheses that can be checked using empirical data. In this study, based on the general theory developed
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Study design is divided into three different categories: exploratory, explanatory and descriptive. Exploratory research is usually ahead depth study of the problem. The results of Exploratory research give possibility to clarify of purpose, hypothesis, objectives, questions, their formulation for future researches. Descriptive studies are used to systematically obtain information about a certain social phenomenon. Explanatory research not only describes the elements of the phenomenon or process being studied, but also allows to identify and explain the relationship between elements and causal relationships (Yin,…show more content…
The strategy of given research is based on use case method that can be used as a strategy of exploration, descriptive and explanatory research. According to Yin (2003a) use of case method is the best strategy when research investigated questions "how" or "why"; in cases when the researcher has no control over events or processes; as well as contemporary phenomena studied real life. Since this study investigates the question "how" and established causal relationships between variables this research is explanatory case study. The strategy also includes research qualitative or quantitative method which research can be used. The strategy may include the using in research only the quantitative method, using only quality method or using both methods: qualitative and quantitative. In this study researcher used quantitative approach to decision problems which are connected with topic
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